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Vision & Mission


The vision and mission of Delhi School of Journalism (DSJ), University of Delhi is to identify and nurture aspiring journalists, enable them to become a driving force for a quality driven public sphere and information economy and thereby promote democracy and development in the truest sense.

Delhi School of Journalism (DSJ) is oriented towards creating a mechanism of training that can impart theoretical perspectives, technical skills and professional ethics of service. It is focused on nurturing a pool of minds that can gather and transmit information without adulteration and strengthen the democratic processes and the governance systems of the country. The institution aims to instill a sense of responsibility into the personal and professional conduct of the students in order to preserve the culture of peace, development and order in society and in developing and enriching the discipline of journalism through inter-disciplinary modules, innovative pedagogical techniques, and integration of critical insights into the teaching, learning and professional schemes.


DSJ Conference (2024): Media, Language and Proponents in Shaping Nationalism 04.03.2024



TIME: 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM

VENUE: Room G16

Join us at the Delhi School of Journalism (DSJ) for a thought-provoking National One-Day Seminar honouring the legacy of Shri. K.R Malkani. Delve into insightful discussions on "Media, Language, & Proponents of Nationalism." Explore the profound intersections shaping our contemporary discourse. Mark your calendars and be a part of this enriching event! DATE: 6/3/24 (WEDNESDAY) TIME: 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM VENUE: Room G16

Selected Guest Faculty (Session 2022-23) 26.08.2022

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Research Paper Writing Competition 2022 25.08.2022

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Datesheet of External Exams (August 2022) 25.07.2022

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DSJ Faculty Interviews Schedule (26th, 27th and 28th July 2022)22.07.2022

Reporting Time: 10 AM Onwards 

26th July: Language Category, Professional Category

27th July: Academic Category

28th July: Academic Category 

Notice for Interviews (2022) 21.07.2022

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Notice for Voluntary Assistance (DSJ-2022) 19.07.2022

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Commencement of Classes (Sem-V-2022)18.07.2022

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Notification for DSJ Semester II Examination (2022)11.07.2022

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Advertisement for Guest Faculty (DSJ)-202205.07.2022

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Conduct of Second Phase Examination (2021)22.06.2022

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Notice Regarding entry on 19th May, 2022
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