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About Delhi School of Journalism (DSJ)

Delhi School of Journalism (DSJ) is a young department of University of Delhi. It was setup in the year 2017 with a vision to identify and nurture aspiring journalists and enable them to become a driving force for a quality driven public sphere and information economy and thereby promote democracy and development in the truest sense. The department is situated at the stadium of University of Delhi, equipped with most of the modern amenities for the students. The department offers a Five-Year Integrated Program in Journalism (FYIPJ) with special emphasis on languages (both foreign and vernacular). The students also have an exit option after the completion of Bachelor of Journalism (BJ) or continue with Master of Journalism (MJ). The overall student strength of DSJ is 600. The students are offered 28 core courses, 2 ability enhancement programs, 2 skill-based elective courses, 4 general elective courses, 4 discipline specific elective courses and language courses (foreign and vernacular). The department assesses the student’s performance via theoretical and practical engagements. Classroom teaching at DSJ is in a blended format where students are engaged through smart classrooms. The faculty comprises of professionals from media industry and teachers specialized in different areas of media studies. In addition to that, DSJ also offers amenities like Library, Smart-Classrooms, ICT Lab and Visual Production Lab for complementing both theoretical and practical engagements.