1. It is essential for students to have a minimum of 66% attendance separately in Lectures and Practicals.

2. Each paper carries an Internal Assessment component of 25 marks each.

              Attendance 5 marks

              IA Written Assignments etc 20 marks

    There shall be 5% weightage for regularity in attending lectures and tutorials, and the credit for regularity in each paper,

     based on attendance, shall be as follows:

                More than 67% but less than 70%      -  1 mark

                70% or more but less than 75%         -  2 marks

                75% or more but less than 80%         -  3 marks

                80% or more but less than 85%         -  4 marks

                85% and above                                 -  5 marks

    [Medical certificates shall be excluded while calculating credit towards marks to be awarded for regularity, though such

    certificates shall continue to be taken into account for the purpose of calculating eligibility to appear for examinations as

    per the existing provisions of Ordinance VII.2.9. (a)(ii).]

3. The School will organize regular workshops/seminars. Attendance of students is compulsory in all departmental activities.

4. Students will not be allowed to join any other programme of study/internship/employment/ activity during the academic

    session when classes are engaged.

5. Submission of projects and meeting deadlines for assignments etc. is compulsory.


Note: Delhi School of Journalism will follow the attendance policy of at least two-third attendance in classes, as per the Rules

         of the University of Delhi.

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