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The Delhi School of Journalism, University of Delhi, resolves to identify and nurture aspiring journalists; enable them to become a driving force for a quality driven public sphere and information economy; and thereby promoting democracy and development in the truest sense: 

  • by creating a mechanism of training that imparts theoretical perspectives, technical skills and professional ethics of service;
  • by nurturing a pool of minds that could gather and transmit information without adulteration, to strengthen the democratic processes and the governance systems;
  • by instilling a sense of responsibility into the personal and professional conduct of the students, so as to preserve the culture of peace, development and order in society;
  • and by developing and enriching the discipline of Journalism through inter-disciplinary modules, innovative pedagogical techniques and integration of critical insights into the teaching, learning and professional schemes.

Students' Corner

The School will focus on imparting knowledge and skills to the prospective students in the following areas: Media and Communication; Writing for Media; News Reporting and Editing; Programming for Media; Media Production in all Formats - Print, Broadcast (TV and Radio), Film and Online; Media Technology; Communication for Development; New and Social Media; Multimedia; and Foreign and Regional Languages.

Delhi School of Journalism (DSJ) is housed at the University Sports Stadium - North Campus. DSJ has a lush green and spacious campus with the state of the art academic infrastructure. The serene and picturesque site will definitely enhance the academic pursuits of journalism students at DSJ. It is five minutes' walk from the Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station.