The administrative structure of DSJ comprises a Governing Body, Advisory Council and Office Bearers - Director/Honorary Director and/or OSD.

1. The Constitution of the Governing Body

A Governing Body for the management of DSJ has been constituted, which comprises:

          i. Pro-Vice Chancellor ( in Chair)

         ii. Dean of Colleges

        iii. Director South Campus

        iv. Dean Academics

        v. Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences

      vii. Dean, Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Humanities

     viii. Five Members representing the discipline of Journalism [to be nominated by Vice Chancellor]

      ix. Registrar

       x. Finance Officer

      xi. Director/Honorary Director/OSD - Delhi School of Journalism as Member Secretary


Functions of the Governing Body

Subject to the overall control of the Governing Body, the Advisory Council shall exercise the following functions:

         i. Monitor and evaluate the ongoing programs of the School.

        ii. Formulate long-term plans for the activities of the School.

       iii. Formulate collaborative programs in association with groups or institutions working in areas of common interest.

       iv. Mobilize resources.

        v. Other functions necessary for establishing the School as a centre of excellence


2. Advisory Council

There shall be an Advisory Council for designing and managing the academic programmes of DSJ, which will comprise:

        i. Chairperson to be nominated by the Vice Chancellor

       ii. Two eminent Professors from the Central Universities or other Institutions (Journalism/Mass Communication) to be    

           nominated by the VC

      iii. Ten distinguished Personalities from Media to be nominated by the Vice Chancellor

      iv. Five Distinguished personalities from the related fields to be nominated by the Vice Chancellor

       v. Two distinguished members of Civil Society, Including at least one woman member

      vi. Director, Doordarshan or his nominee

     vii. Treasurer

    viii. Director/Honorary Director/OSD of the School as Member Secretary

3. Office Bearers


i.  There shall be a Director who shall be the Head of the School appointed by the Executive Council of the University on the

    recommendation of the Governing Body. The governing Body shall define the qualifications and procedure for appointment

    of the director. It shall lay down a procedure to select a suitable person for appointment as Director. Director's qualifications

    will be same as that of a professor.

ii. The Director shall function under the overall control of the Governing Body. S/he will be responsible for the management

    and administration of the School in accordance with the Act, the Statutes, the Ordinances, the Rules and Regulations of the


iii. The term of the Director shall be three years which may be renewed.

iv. The Director shall act as

               a) Member Secretary of the Governing Body

               b) Member Secretary of the Advisory Council

v. The Director shall be authorized to maintain and operate an Imprest Account for Expenditure for day to day functioning

    of the School.


Honorary Director

i.   There may be an honorary director with distinguished credentials in the field of Journalism, appointed by the Executive Council

     on the recommendations of the Governing Body. S/he shall work in honorary advisory capacity and shall function under the

     overall control of the governing Body.  However, in order to the meet the pressing needs of the school, the Vice Chancellor

     may appoint the Honorary Director and  report the same to the Executive Council of the University.

ii.  In case the Honorary Director holds a substantive position as a Professor in the University or equivalent position in the

     University/College of the University, S/he shall hold the position of the Honorary Director in addition to her/his

     regular duties at parent department/Institution/College.

iii. The term of the Honorary Director shall be two years, which may be renewed.

iv. In the absence of the Director, the Honorary Director shall perform all such functions and responsibilities which are

     vested with the Director under the Ordinance.


Officer on Special Duty (OSD)

i.  The Vice Chancellor may appoint an OSD to assist the Director/Honorary Director in the discharge of their functions

    and such other functions that  may be  entrusted to her/him  by the Governing Body, Advisory  Council and/or the

    Vice Chancellor.

ii.  In the absence of the Director/Honorary Director, OSD shall discharge the functions vested with them.

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